The aging process begins to appear around the 30s. This process reverses the “triangle of beauty” whose base is at the top of the face during adolescence. Around the 35s this triangle inevitably reverses with time due to the sagging of the deep tissues. Deep furrows and wrinkles begin appearing, indicating an inner change in the supporting structure of the skin.

In the midface, the cheek fat pad descends gradually from its normal position over the cheek bone. Gravity facilitates this process by providing a downward vector for tissue that has lost elasticity and underlying structural support. As the fat falls away from the lid–cheek junction, the lower lid appears to lengthen and a hollow below the eye develops, also known as the tear trough deformity. The nose-lip fold deepens as the cheek fat pad adjacent to it drops. Further descent of the cheek fat pad accentuates the jowls and flattens the cheek above. Aging in the lower face and neck begins with accumulation of fat in the jowls and below chin area, skin laxity in the neck, and prominent ‘turkey neck’ bands. These changes results in a loss in definition of the jawline, a rectangular-shaped face, and an increase in the neck-chin angle.

The rationale for treatment using threads is to reverse the early signs of aging by lifting and suspending tissues that have begun to drop. By repositioning soft tissues in this way, not only are sagging tissues lifted, but volume is also restored in important areas, such as the midface.

Is thread lifting technique suitable for everyone?

These techniques are not intended to correct more advanced signs of aging where significant skin laxity is present. Similarly, excessive fatty deposits in the face, below chin area, and neck are not improved with threads alone, particularly when the overlying skin is tight. These problems require more aggressive measures such as surgical facelift.

Advantages of suspension thread lift

  • Instant result
  • Consecutive 2-3 times procedure results in lasting effect for 2 years
  • Collagen induction
  • Improve skin tone & radiance
  • No cutting, no incisions
  • Lunch time procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal discomfort

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